Monday, April 13, 2009

Technology: Good or Bad?

Came across a very interesting article in the South Bend Tribune regarding technology and the ongoing battle the NCAA faces in keeping up with it. The issue that is discussed is college students using Facebook as a recruiting tool for perspective student athletes.

A North Carolina State Freshman created a Facebook group called “John Wall PLEASE come to NC STATE!!!!” According to the NCAA spokesman Erik Christianson said the group considers its rules “technology neutral, a Facebook page is simply a high-tech way to try to influence recruits.” What Christianson is trying to keep away from high school athletes is the intrusion into their personal lives and the opportunity for the student-athlete to make a college choice on their own. In the past to keep up with technology coach’s opportunity to utilize text messaging was also taken away by the NCAA.

The problem that arises when looking at this monitoring of Facebook is the question; is a student losing their First Amendment rights from the contract that a university signs with the NCAA. This is still a very questionable topic that I’m sure the NCAA and many universities across the country with battle in the upcoming months. I am also sure that in the upcoming year their will be additional technology that will push the limits of the guidelines that the NCAA sets forth.

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