Saturday, April 11, 2009

Silence is GOLDEN

The Atlanta Journal constitution had an article on the leadership skills of Georgia Tech’s junior safety Morgan Burnett. Defensive coordinator Dave Wommack came into the season hoping that Burnett would embrace the role as the leader of his defensive and that’s exactly what he did. Said Womamck on setting the tone for the younger players, “He’s done it more by example, but I’ve heard him say a couple things. He’s not going to holler at anybody or anything like that. He’s got a quiet calm and the players watch him and I told him that.”

When a coach has leadership from the upperclassmen it makes it much easier for players to sell-out to the program and fully understand what you are trying to accomplish. It is extremely difficult if your upperclassmen don’t take this role and the younger players don’t have anyone to follow.

The one thing that Burnett does that is extremely important is that he leads by example. Many players believe it is the players that speaks the loudest who is the leader. This is a misconception in sports, actions speak much louder then words and I much rather have a player who leads by example. I never want a player that only gives “lip service” I much rather have a player that is able to gain the trust and respect of his teammates by what he does on the playing field.

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