Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Interview Tips

In today’s ultracompetitive job market due to the economic hard times we are currently facing, jobs and especially making it to the interview process are hard to come by. An article in The Wall Street Journal, shares do’s and don’ts with individuals in the search of a career opportunity. Here are some of the tips that the article enlightened me with:

-Stand out for the right reasons
-Show up 10 minutes prior to interview
-Firm handshake
-Do your homework on the job (research)
-Make sure you are a strong fit for the position
-Wait at least a week before checking on your candidacy

-Arrive 1 hour early for a interview
-Discuss your financial hardships
-Talk about projects you completed with previous employers
-Be over aggressive
-Let employer know that you are only looking to stay with the employer for a short time period
-Over enthusiastic
-Talk pay until you have been offered a job

In reading this article I realize that the information is targeted more for candidates looking to land a job in larger business in the cooperate world. With this said, many of the tips can be helpful for candidates pursuing and field of work. The take home message that I learned from the article is be a great self-promoter of yourself and don’t bring your outside anxieties and problems into a interview. Always remember when interviewing, "There's a fine line between enthusiasm and over enthusiasm."

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